Registering your License on Scriptcase
Posted by on 10 July 2013 05:47 PM

My Scriptcase

To register a license, you'll need a username and password of My Scriptcase of our website.

Note: If you don't remember your username or password of this environment, just click on "Did you forget your user/password?" and follow the steps to reset your password.


After having access to your My Scriptcase account and having the scriptcase license in hands. Open scriptcase and access the menu

"Help > License Registration":



There are two ways of registering Scriptcase:

  • Register Online
  • Request


1 - Register Online

On this option you'll inform your username, password and the serial number, after that just click "Register".


After clicking on register, the following message will be displayed:


2 - Request

Open scriptcase and access the menu "Help > License Registration":

Note: After accessing the menu "Help > License Registration", there'll be an option on the left side "Offline Request".

After clicking on "Offline Request", the following page will apear. You need to inform you username, password and serial number, then click "Request".


Click on "scriptcase_v8.req" to download the file:


Having in hands the file "scriptcase_v8.req", access the Scriptcase website and login to your account on My Scriptcase.


Access the link to enter the following page.

Inform your serial number and click "Choose File" and select the file scriptcase_v8.req and upload it. After that click on "Continue".

On the next page download the file scriptcase_v8.lic.

After downloading the file scriptcase_v8.lic, you'll need to access the Offline Registration option in Scriptcase.


Inform you username, password and serial number and select the file scriptcase_v8.lic. After that click on "Register".

After registering, the following message will apear:



Done, your Scriptcase is now registered!

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ali riza olgac
01 September 2015 04:09 AM
Inform your serial number and click "Choose File" and select the file scriptcase_v8.req and upload it. After that click on "Continue".

On the next page "Os dados para registro da licença não são válidos." no download the file scriptcase_v8.lic.
Gustavo Veras Sampaio
01 March 2016 05:22 PM
Hello, how are you?

You have to check your user and the password if is the same you login the website.
Make sure there is not a capital letter where it should be tiny, or otherwise.

Any question, i'm available!
Scriptcase Team
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